SUPPLY Single Edge Pro (Matte Black)

SUPPLY Single Edge Pro (Matte Black)

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Pro Shavers, you deserve a safety razor that matches your ability. That’s exactly what the Single Edge Pro delivers.

The Single Edge Pro puts unrivaled customization in your practiced hands. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a flick of your thumb. That’s less than 1mm of adjustment, allowing you to clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry beard with the expert precision you’ve been waiting for.  

Our dial boasts 6 MAIN SHAVE SETTINGS that can clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry blade with the roll of a dial. Add the micro-settings in between, and you got yourself a TOTAL OF 30 DIFFERENT SETTINGS customizable to your unique skin and shave preference.

Stop looking for the perfect angle. We found it for you - 15 degrees. Just place the head of the razor your skin. Rotate. You’ve got it. No more guessing. Learning curve, flattened. Your shave, elevated. You’ll feel like a Pro from the first pass.