Pedro Fiasco’s Legendary Shaving Soap by Ariana & Evans USA A&E

Pedro Fiasco’s Legendary Shaving Soap by Ariana & Evans USA A&E

As you know by now, Pedro Fiasco is a man with no equal. He’s worldly, tall, dark & handsome. A jet-setter with charm and sex appeal. Super models swoon and men wished they could be... Pedro Fiasco.

Pedro has taken his entrepreneurial spirit (as if he needed money) to take over the wet shaving world one puck at a time. 

Soon you’ll be able to smell like a legend
(my alter ego)

Scent Profules

Roof Garden

Roof Garden, inspired by the beautiful city of Manila. Roof Garden is full of aromatic herbs, flowers, and fruits whose flavors vary as they pass through the metamorphosis induced by time. Its fresh and sweet-smelling atmosphere is captured by apple, pear, rose, green grass, basil, magnolia, and woods.

Our in-house blend of Tunisian & Arabian Sandalwoods make this wood centric scent engulf your senses with a beautifully blended creamy sandalwood fragrance. By design this is a light scent and will go with most any fragrance you choose.

Choco Cherry
Wow. This is such a fun, inviting scent which explodes with such an amazing aroma. During your shave, you’ll get whiffs of the chocolate accompany the main note of cherry. Chocolate & Cherry…what a great combination for this wonderful soap.