Formula Wash Repulse 50mL (Trial Size)
Formula Wash Repulse 50mL (Trial Size)

Formula Wash Repulse 50mL (Trial Size)

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  • Made in Japan
  • Protective hydrophobic coating
  • Adds gloss to car, motorcycle andhelmet
  • Use for car exterior (glass, plastic, rubber, chrome,paint)
  • Used also for motorcycle and helmet protection
Benefits of applying repulse

Hydrophobic property will protect your car paint from watermarks, harmful rain and wash water contaminants
Protects your car paint from harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB), acid rain, OXIDATION and hydrocarbon secretion from plants and trees.
No petroleum formula.
Instant application and protection.
Quicker drying after car wash.
Protects from minor scratches.
Preserves car paint for years with regular application.
No professional skill needed to apply.
Adds gloss to car paint.
Protects paint, chrome, plastic, lights, glass and rims.
All exterior parts of the car can be sprayed and protected. No worries of overspraying.
No buffing required