Feather Japan Gift Set

Feather Japan Gift Set

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The Feather Popular has been the best selling razor of Shave Manila because of its price and quality. Partnered with Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades, this safety razor shines and gives a great smooth shave. We added the Shave Secret Shave Oil to serve as your pre, on and post shave. You'll be surprised how efficient these 3 products work together. To be honest, the whole experience feels like magic!

Feather Popular safety razor and blades 

  • Made in Japan 
  • Stainless head (safety razor) 
  • Stainless Blades 

Shave Secret

  • Helps in achieving a smooth shave
  • made in USA
  • All natural ingredients
  • No need to use shave cream or soap
  • No need for post shave 
  • No need to use a brush 
  • Can be used as pre or post shave 

Both sets come with the Feather Popular and 22 Feather blades. Choose which type of oil you want included in the set.