Dear Barber UK Shave Cream 100ml

Dear Barber UK Shave Cream 100ml

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Our Dear Barber Shave Cream helps soften your facial hair, giving you more control during your shave and reducing the risk of irritation. The exceptional blend of ingredients will calm, moisturise and hydrate your skin.

Recreating the traditional barber shaving experience for a close and silky smooth shave.

Dear Barber Shave Cream is a rich shaving formula with a crisp finish, promoting a close and silky smooth shave. This product lubricates and protects the skin for the ultimate barber-shop shaving experience.

Our Shave Cream is ideal for a brush application. Ensure stubble is softened for a close shave by washing the beard with warm water. Wet your brush in warm water before dipping into the Shave Cream, and apply using circular motions. Our Shave Cream can be used alone, or apply over our Dear Barber Shave Oil for an exceptionally smooth finish.


"This is the best shaving cream there is." - Eddie B, Sweden

"Wish I had been introduced to this shaving cream many years ago. Great on the skin and more importantly a great shave without having to cover the area with lots of foam or gel" - Bill C, UK

"Lovely product,  Lovely smell and customers very happy." Lisa P, Professional Barber, UK