The name TATARA (鑪) is inspired by the furnace where the forge masters used to smelt the steel for Samurai swords in ancient Japan. Like the Japanese katanas, our products are

made with extreme dedication and attention to detail. Combining this with the obsessive precision of modern engineering, TATARA Razors is proudly creating safety razors of rare sensitivity and strength.







Based in Porto, Portugal, we are a team of 3 friends and mechanical engineers passionate for product development. We came together in September of 2016 to dream, design, and develop TATARA’s shaving products.


By noticing a market saturation in non-differential DE razors we dare to imagine a clean and elegant safety razor (SR). This one, strongly supported by minimalism trend design and with the goal of reaching a smooth and efficient shaving.

While in product development we tried several combinations of blade gap, angle, and exposure. Through SR users, we perceived that characteristics like vibration and blade alignment were actually crucial to reach a comfortable and smooth shave.

Assuring machining tolerances (0.02 mm), we could reinforce the right placing of the parts and limit the blade movements between the plate and the cap of the SR.


However, we noticed that another variable that affects the blade vibration and precision is the perpendicularity between the handle and the head, along with the thread length. After that, we decided to bring our mechanical studies to our SR. Consequently, we created a fitting system not

only supported by the thread but also for two internal cylinder sliders. The handle itself recesses into the cap when tightened. This added an overall rigidity to the razor. It was how the Masamune (正宗) razor came to life.