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Rockwell Razors

We've designed the perfect shaving experience. Get all the benefits of a single blade shave, with zero learning curve. Our patented, skin-friendly system means any beginner can get a lifetime of comfortable shaves, without cuts, nicks or irritation. Upgrade your shave today.

Game-changing comfort.

Our team has spent the last 4 years re-engineering the classic safety razor. The result? An unparalleled experience you'll need to feel to believe.

Zero plastic, zero waste.

One razor will last you a lifetime. Rockwell blades are fully recyclable and reduce the hazardous landfill epidemic caused by modern razors.

Improve your skin.

Turns out, multi-blade razors do more harm than good. Our razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch.