Ten years ago when Patrick was in his Sydney salon looking at a product he was selling, he rubbed it between his fingers, looked in the mirror and while admiring his epic cut, said “we can do better than this’. He called a formulations lab, then his mum for a 5k loan, and started Patricks products. 


‘We can do better’ has been at the core of every product and innovation since. It’s allowed us to grow as a company and most importantly - it has given us the freedom to fail - to fuck up, to make something great then burn it all down to make something even better, to land on our faces in a hungover mess in an airport in LA after all our stuff was stolen. Or was it London? Wherever it was - man, our hair always looked fantastic.


We raised hell and we raised capital. We pissed off chemists. We pushed our design guys.

No holds barred, I gave the formulations company an open budget to produce the best performing product possible – beyond anything that had been engineered before. The result is a range of multi-functional products with science-based formulations that work.



More recently, we worked with one of the world’s best formulation labs based in New York and one of the world's foremost researchers in neuroscience and genetics to develop our anti-aging skincare range. And we won’t stop there. Because we still have that same ‘we can do better’ North Star shining bright. It’s what we look at when we’re disappointed, or high, or too drunk to think straight or when our product gets stuck in US customs again. And if a guy who uses our stuff can, for even a second, feel like they can do better in their own life or job - then yeah, - we’ve done something.