Feather Butler Premium Shaver
Feather Butler Premium Shaver
Feather Butler Premium Shaver
Feather Butler Premium Shaver

Feather Butler Premium Shaver

  • Heavier weight, allowing the razor to do the work
  • Short standing handle gives a classy display
  • Set to ‘lock’ to keep cartridge head in place for controlled shaving such as around facial hair
  • Set to ‘free’ to allow the blade to move with angles of the skin
  • Comes with three Feather F3 refill cartridges 
  • Suspension on each F3 blade to ride smoothly over the skin
  • SiC Ceramic coating technology offers durability and a comfortable shave on F3 blades
  • Reduces irritation and razor burns
  • Compatible with Feather F2 Neo, F3 and MR3 NEO blades
  • Made in Japan

The BUTLER RAZOR IS AT YOUR SERVICE. You should entrust your skin to a razor that can perform its duties…exceptionally. Graceful and precise in execution, the Butler Razor provides the best possible experience by personally assisting you to give an excellent shaving experience. The Feather Butler Razor keeps your skin soft and tidy with easy clean strokes. Customize your shaves by choosing the right blade for your skin and hair type (F2 Neo, F3 or MR3 Neo) and choose the lock or free mode for your preferred level of control. The Feather Butler Razor gives you everything you need for an at-home shave on a silver platter. Comes with three Feather F3 Blades. Made in Japan.

The Feather Butler cartridge razor comes with lifetime warranty. You'll never need to buy a new handle again.